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06 March 2007

Soapbox Time.

I think I read somewhere that racing bikes is like eating chocolate, you start off feeling pretty good and then the more you eat you start to hit struggletown population you. Last weekend pretty much that was me when the engine warning lights came on at the fourth state round indicating right now the engine is cooked from the last couple of months of solid travel work and racing. And that's cool, absolutely, one thing I've learned that having shit races or whatever doesn't mean all of them will be in the future.

Bouncing outta the weekend training has gone pretty damn well so far this week..or maybe because I'm getting motivated that I've only 3 and half weeks left of teaching left in this term and I can stop training in peak hour traffic! Seriously no wonder the majority of accidents between cars and cyclists happen in the afternoon and unfortunately this week already there have been a few close calls. I finding incredibly frustrating that there are certain drivers on the road who think we are there to be played with cause they obviously don't realise the deadly weapon in their hands and the stark reality behind the consequences of their so called 'playful' intentions. Screw you guys.

Over n' out, cw.


Anonymous said...

Just thought id leave a comment coz u haven't had one in awhile! Warrnambool Countdown 0 days to go! Woohoo

tdawg said...

Dude your preaching to the church here ! But yeah, people should chill !

PS. nice article in Freewheel on the freckled wonder from Sutho

Anonymous said...

suck my balls

TheKillerAnt said...

amen brother, damn fools some of them i say, damn fools