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01 March 2007

Roll Up, Roll On..

The National Series concluded last weekend up at Mt Beauty. Was a crazy drive after the school bell rang fri arvo with the ole red rocket wipers struggling to keep up with the torrential downpour coming over Rosewhite Gap, not to mention the hell wicked lightening storm that was going on...would have love to have gotten some schweet photos but I think thats a little too professional like for this cat.

Racing wise it was always going to interesting seeing what was in the tank and well for the first few laps things were looking pretty good sitting inside the top ten. With all the over night rain the course was a pretty decent sludge-fest and I was down with that for sure..bout time we had a muddy race instead of a dust bowl. Coming into the end of the third lap I over cooked at the top of a steep little drop in with a nasty metal cheese grate at the bottom. Those who were standing around would have witnessed some pretty rad acrobatics as I managed to step off and slide down on both feet onto this flesh slicing machine. Needless to say I'm now missing a few plastic lugs on my shoes but it is a small price to pay! From then on in the lights went out pretty badly, dropping outta the top ten to finish a pretty lousy 13th. Short track was the next day after after a quick tire change from wets to dry's it was game on. Lining up second row I was ready to have a crack at not only getting on the box but trying to break my record of three post race spews from last time. Coming into the tightest corner of the course first lap it all went pear shaped and all of a sudden I was over the bars and scrambling to pick up the rig and get going again. With 30 odd guys pinning it into a coupla metres wide corner with a large sized rut and tree root you don't have to be a rocket surgeon to know shit is going to go down. Unfortunately that was me. Ah well to quote Days of Thunder "Rubbin's Racin" and thats the way she goes sometimes. Battling away for the next 20 odd minutes was pretty painful and enjoyable at the same time, having a small battle with Jose H ( and Hendo (Mongoose). Being on the dually I could rail the bumpy middle grassy section pretty well, so coming into the last lap I attacked on the main straight and held of for 10th place and no spews...damn..out,cw.

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