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13 March 2007

Twenty Three Candles.

The timing couldn't have been better yesterday with the labour day holiday falling on my birthday. Day off teaching, sunshine and and an Eva led ride dubbed the "Harden' the f*ck up ride 2007 ". This time for a special birthday treat I thought I'd order a side dish of grilled pain mixed with stupidity sauce and take the singlespeed out. And what a ripper of a day it was too, leaving from Powelltown in order to keep things from hovering around the 7hr mark like the last time that left me pretty well cross eyed for the next few days.

Coming in from the otherside I didn't really know what to expect, only motivated by the hell schweet singletrack round' the big ole' tree itself up around the top. Sometimes some of the best rides morph into more than just pedalling in the sunshine, into a full blown exploration adventure and potential mayhem. So when we hit the 10km or so section of completely overgrown singletrack and stopping every 15m or so for fallen branches, saplings, logs or walking across massive trees and taking some h-core hike-a-bike detours things definitely made it to that next level. Enjoy the pics....

Eva was pretty stoked with this little effort...

D-Mac took the award for the most amount of bark in a wheel ever..holy smoke it was unreal I swear there was metres of the stuff..even in the brake caliper.

Post ride the scheduled afternoon "meeting" with the supercoach turned out to be a full blown birthday BBQ with the whole crew so I was well stoked..thanks heaps to everyone it was rad and couldn't think of a better way to spend the day other than hittin' the trail and hanging out...over n'

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Anonymous said...

hahahah how funny was that banana peel. good post winnie. Billy Jean