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21 February 2007

Taking Back Control.... the line that screams in my ears as I sit here listening to the new Sparta album. Kinda fitting really as this little project has died as of late and has been in dire need for me to, well, take back control. The last three weeks have been an absolute blur trying to get my head around the in's and out's of full time teaching. And where trying to be a bike rider fits around the responsibility of guiding the youth of the nation. Time is precious and I'm learning stacks not only bout being a teacher but me also so thats kinda a good thing. Doesn't help when my load is more than I should have as a first year out teacher....but then again my bank account has never seen this much regular action!

Not a great deal has been going on of late, have managed to crack onto a new obsession for Up&Go the count up to three for today....schweet. I think I've finally found the perfect beverage companion to my ultimate food of Golden Pancakes...hell yeah. Time to go write some lessons...6 wks to go...gotta try and get my detention giving count off zero...out, cw.


Anonymous said...

hahahahahahahahah how is the REAL world now.

only 6 weeks and what ?
cheers cq

K_10 said...

haha winny, thats so slack that no detentions have been given out. its weak! even i have given out a detention, and i only been at it for a week!

Anonymous said...

Hey Winny,

Seems like there is some life in the legs of those old Yeti dogs if the Mt Beauty results are anything to go by. Where can I get some of that ?

T(e)! said...

Hey Chris,
How about a Mt Beauty race report? Hope that short track over the bars effort didn't hurt too much! Stacks On!!