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17 October 2006

The Yo Yo Effect.

So from the high of the taking out the 24hr last week, to now feeling like I've been hit by a truck all this weekend. Consequently from breathing in so much dust up in Canberra has left me with a nasty lung infection, and first the first time since cocky was an egg on antibiotics...too funny. So with the first National Round this weekend things are gonna be interesting but nonetheless it's bike racing so i'm looking forward to it either way..lung or no lung..( although I've heard they're kinda important though..!)

8 days till the end of uni life...over and out, cw.


KC @ Uni said...

I love yoyo's, they are so much fun!!! or are you not talking about the ones you play with.....hahaha
Glad you know what's wrong with ya least your hopefully not gonna die from that.....?????
I had the worst class i have ever had today......should have maybe suspended a boy in class but i didn't....just a couple of detentions........oh the stories we have! goodluck for the weekend, i'll be relaxing, maybe drinkin a few too many and you'll be flat out!!!! don't envy me!

Ash Thomas said...

man I'm still coughing up that canberra shit as well, maybe I gots some of your badness...?!

Good 'luck' for Sydney, just go out and smash 'em!

Joel said...

Ive heard downhill champion Alex Swann will be racing elite on sunday , so watch out, he might downhill your ass! ha ha , he was forced to, he reckons he is "gonna keep out of the way of the big guns and just rip that shit up with the hasslers" good luck on sundy, wish i was there...... if only! hopefully alex wont be riding with you, just cough the dirt out early and she'll be right.

Chris Winn said...

Drinkin' a few too many...aren't you the clean cut wholesome girl in bed by 9pm after preparing the next days lessons and correcting homework??? Envy you...cant see anything better than riding round a dirt track feelin' like you are giving birth to a cactus for two and a half hours...apologies for never posting on your lovely site but I cant figure out how to...must show me how so I can heckle you in your own domain..although all those people on your page seem a hell of a lot more trendy than I am....for the kids out in internet land: