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14 October 2006

The Shape Of Things To Come

This week has gone where..?? Post 24hr week can go either way, usually for me its downhill fast..but then i think if i'm in the box, what about Willo? What a legend... and what about Gordo's efforts at 24hr Worlds?? Incredible...Officially the hardest man I know... and suddenly I think well, damn, i'm as fresh as a daisy people...ahh perspective, its an awesome thing...

And in the theme of incredible human feats, I watched "Touching the Void" last night..holy about inspirational...may be on my pre nationals viewing agenda...although its hard to top watching 'Young Guns 2' before an Eildon Nationals a few years back..."Regulators... LETS RIDE!" Fookin' schweet, gives me chills just thinkin' bout that bit.

A dusty ASR- SL proto rear end may or may not have been under testing at Kowen Forest by the loosest guy I know...

So this week I have been back in the tracksuit and trying to stop the youth of the nation from getting fat...been pretty good actually, especially the all day canoe trip I had with my Outdoor Ed. class. Pretty happy to let the legs sit there for once and let the arms do all the work. Although cycling arms and canoe paddles dont go so great over a few hours. All training attempts this week have involved riding around like a small child AC style, and have not been pretty to say the least..but hey, you get that on the big jobs. Lator, cw.

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