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23 October 2006

Expect the Expected. Rnd #1 National XC Series.

Not pretty.....and really not too much to say either... with almost 2 weeks of the bike with a post 24hr lung infection and on antibiotics, a solid ride was pretty much outta the question for the first round of the National series for this little black duck. Pretty much went backwards from the start as expected really on half a lung and that was all she wrote, riding around like a small child for the rest of the race not being able to get my hr past 150bpm and feelin' like someone had turned the dimmer switch down... Sweet course but, nice 8km loop of tighty singletrack, perfect for the ASR. Didn't plan for my forks to blow on the third lap and cease the usual stock standard bounce action, leaving me with about 10mm of non existent travel and some way harsh bottoming action out down the rock chutes for the last three laps....not to mention the fun trying to steer the thing... Ahh well, that's racing I guess and if that's the only mechanical problem I get all season then I guess that was a pretty good day to have the end still managed to roll over the line 20th and get some points at least. Major props to Captain Cannondale Lefty for taking out the big W in a tight sprint finish over a flyin' Coops, and much respect for Flemo filling the final spot on the box the day. Not much else to say really, other than...NEXT!!!! Over and out, your 99.9% qualified teacher....


dr zuess said...

hell cat.... he's the greatest and the latest, hell cat!!
he can bust a move when he's teaching P.E.. when he hits you it will sting like flee..
hell cat !!
his best friends call him HC.. hell cat!!
a nipple gripple will bring HC to knee's,..
yeah, hell cat!!
sitting in the perry van in a fold up seat!! yeah hell cat...
ya better stay away from yarramundi.. hell cat...

we all love hell cat..

(sung to the tune of the cartoon top cat)

Chris Winn said...

Ahhh Paul...quite the poet there roy...cheers, the hell cat.

green said...

ATTENTION ALL LOOSE UNITS AND HELL CATS: only two weeks before you touch down in the driest place south of the border! Pschyco clinic off and on the bike! cheers for a rad weekend boys!!

Anonymous said...

meow meow meow meow meow meow ............ Would somebody shoot that fucking cat......... Bang bang pow.......... Why is that cat having a fit..............Hell cat you crack me up.

PS. Remember Mt Buller ????????


Joel said...

Sorry to hear about the result, everyone knows that if ur winning national series races at this time of the year you are peaking way to early anyway. haha. should hook up a road ride some time. billy j