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09 October 2006

Capital Punishment

Well its three days after the Australian 24hr Champs and the thick fog of fatigue has not fact i feel worse than I ever have I reckon... And to make it even more fun my final set of teaching rounds started on the monday morning and the brain and the body certinaly do not have the capabilities right now to function normally let alone try and convey knowledge to the youth of the country...ahh the joy. So this year marked my fourth time pinning the pine forest singletrack at the nations capital, and no matter how well the preparation this event just never gets any easier...lining up as a the Yeti/Gu race team there were a few new faces on board for the event with everyones favourite Olympian Tabs and Ben Mather lining up alongside the smartest guy i know. With a solid history of some pointy end results in the last few years, we were super keen to keep it that way, but knew the challenge would lie predomintaley from the Scott/Flight Centre boys, who were obviously looking to take out thier own sponsored event...

After a super run effort from Ben we took an early lead in both the 4 man pro team catagory and outright..and...well... the rest of the 23hrs..we pinned it and hurt like hell, eventually blowing our lead out from the 2nd place Scott boys to almost 30mins at one stage. Everyone in the team rode like a demon and it was by far my best 24hr experience, running smoothly and eventually taking the big W. I think in an event like the 24hr, support crew is critical, and with an excellent massuse on tap curtosy of Gu, and Green spinnin the wrenches and Rowney behind the sizzle plate we had it made...thanks boys, your effort was supreme..

Well as I said the brain is stil pretty fried, so I think I just let the photos dictate some of the many moments from the weekend that was...lator cw..

Pez reaps the rewards of the Team Yeti Holbrook Bakery tradition..freshly baked from the Corolla oven

Another Canberra tradition in the form of pre race mixed grill... MG: 1 Green:0

The first race of the season also meant delivery of my new ASR-SL complete with 07' Fox parts...another level..

GU supplied the team with some 'blackbox' gels...i'm still floatin'

The Green styled things up big time...didnt that suit win a 'best dressed' comp a few weeks back...versitility people

Yes, it was that frickin' dusty out there!

Rowney kept spirits high with his superior singing skills sunday morning...has confirmed support slot for Steph MacIntosh National Tour rockets in flight....afternoon delight..

The last known shot of the mullet...i'm back in millitary now...c'mon, the 80's only lasted so long!


Sleeman said...

Nice work Winnie, word on course was that you guys sure were making use of your support from Gu. Top effort

green said...

hey bro,
i hear ya on feeling like crap but you get that on the big jobs. this year was definetly my favourite up there too. When i saw that mixed grill i nearly spewed. anyway, nice post champ. later.

AJ said...

Cracker pics winny. Good to know someone else is reading pretty high on the feeling shite factor. Well done on holding us scott boys off, we were coming at ya ... another 12hrs and you would have been gooone.
Still, in the words of gordo "winners are grinners"

Chris Winn said...

The amount of dust that is still in my lungs right now...

KC @ Uni said...

Hey Winn(and the rest of the crew)
Awesome work! Knew you could pull it off! Hope your feeling a bit better today winn. You'll be fine in a day or two.....? Have put up a chris inspired photo on my site for ya to look at from the grampians!!!!

Chris Winn said...

Nice work...although wheres the one of you hanging one handed off a rock ledge "cliffhanger" style..!?

KC @ Uni said...

That move you saw last night chris has given u ideas, but there were time when i cud've fallen, but since i'm a pro....i didn't!

TheKillerAnt said...

Well done winny, great effort!! I'm doing the warnambool tomorrow (and its just started blitzing rain and wind less than 24 from the start, doh) so i will take your enduro win as inspiration and try to get somewhere near the finish line :)
ps. cross/headwinds suck the big one