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27 October 2006

Changing Lanes.

Spending the last three days in the wilderness hiking up to Lake Tali Karng was perhaps exactly what I needed. A short time away from the bike riding world and hit the refresh button. Something I haven't done for quite sometime really. Putting life into perspective through exploring nature is an incredible feeling. I guess it feels like the last month has been one filled with so much compromise against the one thing I love doing the most and it hasn't been that fun beating myself up over it. So having the opportunity to get away somewhere completely new and clear the head has really opened my eyes in the way I live my life and what makes me happy. There is something about the isolation of camping mixed with the amazing natural beauty of the area that is pretty cleansing for the soul. Being completely out of any real sort of routine and schedule is something I haven't done for what feels like forever.

I must admit it took some getting used to walking singletrack at a slow pace rather than having
the brain digest and compute lines and obstacles at a million miles an hour...but the simplicity of one step infront of the other in the crisp mountain air was awesome. The lake itself was simply amazing, drinking pretty much the purest water you can get , making Mt Franklin taste like its come straight outta test tube. So with time away comes a new enthusiasm for a new beginning and some pretty big life changes that are just around the corner. I have just two days left until I finish the whole 17 straight of education and step into the real world no longer ruled by attendance records and homework.

I've always believed that the less you have in your life the more efficient you are at the things you do have. Beauty in simplicity I guess....and I can't wait...out, cw.


K said...

OMG who would ever think to take a picture through i spiderweb!!! You wud!!!! Chris, i think you have some artistic flare for photography, I LUV IT!!!!!

Chris Winn said...

all stems from my obession with spiderman when i was 6....

Anonymous said...

AAAHHH, I can feel the serenity.

TheKillerAnt said...

great read winny, sounds like bliss being away from in all. I'm a massive believer in the simplicity thing u canvassed.

great pix.