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03 October 2006

Like A Duck...

Calm on the surface but legs going crazy underwater...thats what October feels like..that transition between uni semester finishing up and trying to get everything organised for the start of the mtb season. Yes kids it is finally here, this week in my diary marks the official start to my mtb season, hopping aboard the domestic traveling circus bus...and hopefully my blog posts will get a little more interesting than "uhh, i rode my bike today for 6hrs, it was fun..ummm" because sometimes there just aint that much going on, especially during winter kms!! But this week has been a good one already....finshing up uni classes..forever! I still have 3 weeks of teaching rounds to fully complete my uni degree, but as far as lectures, tutes and all other associated 'on campus' guff its done...lator...pretty rad feeling.

The last few years I have parked out the back of campus where all the construction guys park who are working on new me a 3minute walk but has saved me a few hundred by not buying parking permits..suckers...a dusty burg dog goes pretty stealth alongside trade utes...probably my proudest uni achievement..

JP Flack Esquire..been an honor and a treat...where's the e.coli? Ahh the memories..

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T(e)! said...

Good luck Winn..
Rip it up!!