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02 July 2006

White Out

So I got the rain I was hopin for yesterday, and plenty of fog too which was good, finally felt like a proper winter training day rather than this false is it gonna rain or not bullshit thats been happening the last few weeks! See the best thing about wet weather is i get to roll out madd Pearl winter gear which is schweet. Hit up some special loops today, some old school back roads void of all shite tourist drivers, and only a few P plate slums racers about - actually i was mighty impressed with the degree of sideways action from a ruby red VP today, i think the slick roads and the 1992 'No Fear' sticker on the rear window gave him the edge..shame couldn't get the camera out fast enough! cw

Check out my nifty waterproof case for my ipod, formally a Breathe Right packet, fits sweet!

Lookin' for Nessie' up da Nongs!


Ross said...

hey winny, whats up your way as far as singletrack is concerned?? still relatively new to melbourne so don't really know a lot of good local xc trails. obviously theres lysty and the yarra trails, but the pics you've put on here around sassafrass look pretty sweet. not too far from home either. are you keen to lead a bit of a social ride sometime.... for unfit dudes with good riding ability??


Chris Winn said...

No worries Ross, sounds good. drop us an email and we'll sort out a day..cheers cw