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03 July 2006

Beat By Beat

So today for something different I thought I'd give you an insight in whats feeding the ears this week out on the open roads on my ipod...

Arctic Monkeys- "Whatever people say I am, Thats what I'm not"
Can't believe these guys are like 17 /18 odd, madd. Punchy swagger rock pop with fly on the wall lyrics. Wish I had a cool brit accent.
Best lyric- "Put on your dancin shoes, you sexy little swine!"
Best track- "From the Ritz to the Rubble"

A.F.I- "Decemberunderground"
Only bought it yesterday so still kinda new. Havok has a massive fringe going on, dig it but wouldn't go well under a lid. Bit o' the screamo thing going on which is nice.
Best Lyric-"Part your lips a bit more, I'll swallow your fear"
Best Track-"Kill Caustic"

COG- "The new normal"
Introduced by Rowney and last live gig seen in the maddness that was the Comm Games week. Awesome big epic sound for a three piece, radness to the maxness. A proven performance enhancer during VO2max testing.
Best Lyric- "And I hope you notice, when I said its not okay"
Best Track- "Anarchy OK"

Bruce Springsteen- "Best Of"
One that used to float about at work. Hard luck stories, street survival lyrics, the Boss writes a damn good tune with soul.
Best Lyric- "The highways jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive"
Best Track-"Murder Incorporated"

The Music- "The Music"
Resonating Zepplin-esque vocals over disco drumming and solid riffs. Good for longer climbs and settling into a rhythm.
Best Lyric- "Can't dream, what you gonna do now?"
Best Track- "Take the long road and walk it"

Pearl Jam- Self Titled
Never dissapoints, going to be huge in Novemeber, Ed Vedder the greatest individual that walks the earth. Another level.
Best Lyric- "You're always saying you're too weak to be strong, you're harder on yourself than just about anyone"
Best Song- "Life Wasted"

Propagandhi- "Potemkin City Limits" and "Today's Empires, Tomorrows Ashes"
Hardcore socio-political melodic punk. These guys rule. Their albums are insane, the 4 year wait between them suck, but never dissappointed when they arrive. Incredible songwriting not afraid to say what they feel about the state of the world.
Best Lyric-"I'm punch drunk on the sickening cadence of iron fists, in velvet gloves"
Best Song- "A Speculative Fiction"

Radiohead- "OK Computer" and "Pablo Honey"
Late bloomer with these guys, but hooked nonetheless. Songwriting and lyric genius.
Best Lyric- "For a minute I lost myself"
Best Song- "Electioneering"

Satanic Surfers- "Going nowhere fast"
Holy smoke these guys are awesome players, tight as a fishes butt, can't believe the drummer sings while going completly off tap at warp speed. Hardcore melodic Swedish punks, 15 songs in under 30mins, sweet for cadence work.
Best Lyric-"I think it's love and it's simple complexity, I think its love and its complex simplicty"
Best Song-"Worn out Words"

I think I wasn't a bike rider, I'll still be thrashing about on a stage somewhere. Over and

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