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01 July 2006

The Sound Of One Jacket Flapping

So she was a bit blowy out on the roads today, but compared to Tinker's 15hr stint through the winds of Kansas during the RAAM I aint got nothing to complain about.. ventured down the beach today for the first time in a long time, kinda nice grey skies and seas and plenty of riders of all sorts out and about which is a good thing..see as a studying PE teacher we get to learn about all scary facts about things like physical inactivity being the second most risk factor burden for disease in Australia ('darts' are no #1 of course) plus scary things about cardiovascular disease (one Australian dies every 10mins from CVD) and diabetes, athritis the list goes on but the underlying theme is get off your ass and do something cause most risk factors are modifiable...ahh anyway, nuff of the soap box stuff...

So i swore it was going to piss down today for sure and once again I was prepared with the full winter kit but got nothing but hell sweaty...damn was kinda looking forward to it.. so it was a day for spinnin the pixie after pretty much spending this whole week in the big dog, a day spent groveling into a headwind spinning your ring off and going now where fast..kinda scary being blown back towards Frankston! Hills tomoro. Rad.

Check out the old man's new rig. 23years previously driving the same Datsun Twincab, I think he's earned it!

Hey here's a joke, the average wage of a AFL footballer is over 200 gorillas. Incredible. And I hear they are threatening to strike over pay... So I'm proudly going to wear my Dopers Suck shirt tonight as the tour kicks off tonight minus the alledged...lator cw.

Ps- Thinkin about gettin the new AFI album, any verdicts??

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cammo said...

i hope you snuck a few stickers all over dads oot. looks pretty rad, we will have to steal those keys to find out what that bad boy can do. looks like plenty of room for a couple of ss's in the back. catch ya soon roy.