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12 July 2006

Simple Minds WIth Long Days

When you ain't got great legs but still a whack of hours to punch out for the day usually the little things can provide comic relief. So today when me and the green, whose commitment to the live tour stages has been unwavered, came past a bull, donkeys, camels and the odd llama in some random pocket of the nongs we couldn't help but take the piss and put on our Dr. Harry hats...although we left pretty soon after the camel started to sound like a coffee maker brewing up something that could have possibly been useful for the lack of lube on Cams chain...

Mr Dangerous living on the edge.

It was quite cold today, even the camel's hump was steaming. Seriously!

So the brothery comedy shannigans end today with the Green returning to the Dingo tomoro...thanks for the week of riding bro, has been a real honor and a treat. lator cw.

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Ash Thomas said...

heheh, simple minds...