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10 July 2006

Blow by Blow

So today was meant to be an ez day (well best you can do on the mountain) but with gale force factor 52 going on outside things weren't so smooth sailing (but hell good for sailing..if your into that sort of thing.)

The bro took out the 'Fresh legs Francis' award today, namely due to his resting yesterday whilst others were battling coastal hurricanes... but today his enthusiam and constant renditions of The Butterfly Effects new single was a welcome distraction for some ordinary legs..actually come to think of it dont know which was more painful.

My cross' fantasy continues...

Ever read the book "When the wind changed" when you were a kid? Cam didn't.

1 comment:

cammo said...

you my little bro are about to recieve the innaugral tourist disguised as a cyclist award, even the bus load of japanese that passed us had taken less photos for the day than you. try driving the bunch instead of the camera!!!!