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18 July 2006

Growing Pains

So its almost been a week between posts, and I guess that could possibly translate to meaning potentially something exciting has gone on in that time but well, truth is the other side of the coin..not a hell of a lot really! Last weekend was the time to quite hinding behind long days in the saddle with no really hurry, and pin a number on the back and open the road racing account for 0h six. The debut race was a newbie for me, the Metro Titles held way out west near the Ford Proving Grounds, which a lack of time prevented me to fully test the reco'd Corolla against the might of the blue oval. The first race of the season is always an exciting one, bit of a yard stick to measure against so I was hopin' to walk away with more postivies than negatives but at the end of the day it is only July so I wasn't expecting much.

With a few hitters there I kept my eye early on the Drapac-Porsche boys, on what would likely be a day where a strong break would get and stay away. Sure enought after a McFlurry of attacks a break formed including the boys in red and fellow mtber M Spink while i missed the all important boat. Bugger. In the bunch work was frustratingly intermittent at best, perhaps some of the others not realizing the simple fact that with the calibre of riders in the break our day was over unless we did something. We had the break dangling like a T-bag for most of the second lap and it was highly annoying not to close out the very realistic gap. Fuelled by this frustration and a cola flavoured gel, I had a dig at bridging myself, didn't have anything to lose, figured the worst I would find myself back in the bunch that was never going to get there anyway. So with an extended stint over the redline I had a decent crack but came up short. With all hope of catching the 7 leaders gone, all that was left was to salvage something outta the bunch kick home. With an extended up hill finish then a plateau I left my run almost too late, and doing my best McEwan impression minus a billion watts he produces just snuck over the line to take it out, finishing in 8th..

So I'm back at uni this month which is pretty excting (??) cause I figure everyday now is so so close to finishing. Oh yeah, and I've grown another 2cm when I thought i was done at 22! Who would'a thought eh?? Guess you never know whats around the corner...lator, cw.

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