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08 July 2006

The Show Must Go On

So Winnie Green is down again to bust out some kms and most importantly pick up where his trailside singing career left off in the mist of the nongs yesterday..least he's changed the show a little with a museli bar microphone than a multi tool...showbiz genius..where will he go next people??

Today we hauled ass down to the Casey fields crit for a dog day afternoon. The green showed his trackie class taking out the C grade win, and I was completly in the box trying to hang with the winning break for as long as I could but finished the day back in the bunch with a blow dryed mullet my only reward.

Check out this schweet ride we saw on the way home.

When roads bite back.

'Wonder if I could bust out a few bars of Manilow on the box? Now where's my micorphone..'

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