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12 June 2006

Sweet as Sugar...

Sugar Mountain that is...put down your pens people and raise your glasses for Pezzadog taking 7th at NORBA #2 in NC, putting season pro's like the long legged boys Wicks and Trebon of Kona fame in the box, not to mention 2000 Olympian T Wells. The boy from the bubble, is there anything he can't do! As for this dog, today was a classic nongs winter training day, bout 6deg, foggy and wet and piss poor tourist drivers all over the place marveling at the fake antiques at blown out prices ...i swear licenses come in cereal boxes these days...over and out cw

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey man,
T Wells said on his own blog that he "accidently " ate no-carb pasta on the Satdy night before the race!

Big mistake!

All of a sudden youve got a little Aussie batller whoopin yo ass!

on ya Pez