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14 June 2006

Point and Shoot Day 2006

The day's random events in

Two one geared stallions tied down..

Eva has a bite at the local lake...

..and hooks a big one!!!

One for our international site vistors

Rob tests the $3million car park..solid

Eva's new ride...think the delivery was for further up the mtn though eh?!


Ross said...

its definitely one of the best carparks i've ever raced on. nice and fast. i believe they could have spent another couple of million on it getting it even faster. a true lysterfield highlight.

sorry about the GK bidon winny... its here on my desk at work. will post it when i pull my finger out. later.

Ash Thomas said...

its a bit rough on the exit of turn 3...

Mebbe they could work on 'Antarctica' (its similar to Siberia at the Island!) tighten its radius around the commo(n)dore a little so it spits you right out to the gate... ;)

Anonymous said...

This track sounds great, maybe they should chuck in a boom gate to raise some funds for continuous improvement and upkeep.

hey ross ,how ya doin? is the finger healing up ok?


Ross said...

Hey dude,

Yeah coming along good. Went out to ballarat the other day and hit some pretty nice gaps, so no issues holding on to the bars. Its not purple anymore so the ladies aren't so scared to come near me. you still got the sniffles??


Anonymous said...

Yeah mate,

cold has gone but i twisted my foot at a bucks night being radical and now i can barely walk for the wedding, im the best man too!

maybe you should call me ross?.....


Ross said...

call you Ross??? nah, you can be adam and i'll stay ross. i feel more comfortable that way.

anyway what do you think this is, msn chat or something?? at least we make winny's blog look popular. i tend to have that effect.


Chris Winn said...

Hey you boys go for it there with you little chats, no problem for me fellas, quite entertaining really.. bordering on a lovers tiff???!