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10 June 2006

SILENCE is Golden!

So the storm of this week has been weathered, finally getting all my uni shite done for this semester, with the running sheet of yesterday going something like this, 12.30am bed finshed portfolio. average. Up at 4.45am, 3.5hrs deliveries, into uni and out, hauling logs into a bobcat bucket for 5 hrs, playing picasso with a paintbrush 4hrs. Bed midnight. All intersped with some quality garage time spinnin the wrench. So needless to say the legs sucked a little today riding through struggletown and back..but it was very nice not to be riding on a Spanish maracca...huh?.. okay so the road bike has definatley been in the wars the past few weeks, and needed some major surgery (i aged 5 years when the dremmel tool fired up), but has come out the otherside an absolute dream with the finishing touches now completed, minus loose bolts rattling in the downtube (enough to drive a man insane(r)), new fork (thanks again aido), bit of hollowpin bling and new hoops...needless to say the silence was golden today out on open road.. and ain't enough o's in smooth.. lator. cw.

Organisational chaos..the cause...

..the effect..

One former musical flies under the radar.

Pricks from inside.

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