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19 June 2006

Alien Invaders...

...okay so just the bro down from bendigo for the weekend, but still not too far of a creature from outer space.. with that hair and those riding skills (ha, just kidding roy)..whipped a quick one on sassa this morning, felt okay after a weekend of pretty much warming the bench with, well i guess something from another planet oozing out my nose..apologies to all those lunchtime eaters right now! So i'm kinda stunned that this site has now past the 1000 hits mark in round about a month..dont know if that actually rates in the nerdasaurus book of website hits, but i'm pretty stoked... especially cause there ain't a hell of alot going done this time of the year not being race season and travel and all...enjoy the pics. lator. cw.

lookout ladies he's loose!

Bars and now banned this month...i'm off the program big time.

"You are the wind beneath my wings.." The Green busts out during half time mechanics..

Aint call it Ferny Creek for nothin..

Too much of a bad thing... the encore


Anonymous said...

hey chris post a side view of your ss bike

Chris Winn said...

Check 'the golden ticket' post for what your after..cheers, cw

Anonymous said...

waiting,waiting for next story.

Anonymous said...

waiting,waiting for next story.

Anonymous said...

Chris, is the alien brother going to call in on the way home to bendigo

P & J.