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23 June 2006

Bucket O' Perspective...

So it has been a few days since the last update in the wide world of winston's blog, but for good reason...(apologies to the guy giving me the hurry up in the last posts comments section!!) very happy to report my days of sitting exams are dead and buried forever as of this week (well unless I fail..think positive, think positive dammit) which is radness to the max, just another little milestone along the road to finishing uni. Thinking of starting a 'days to go' tally on my wall, one till PJ week, one for finishing uni.... So, today was pretty cool, there are times I think when its pretty easy to get lost in the whole serious world of cycling and the day to day agenda of getting stuff organised and executed to today was great to gain some perspective on the whole deal by introducing a novice to the sport with a 'kid in the candy store' perspective who eats up new knowledge of the sport like chocolate bullets... so we hit up some classic roads in the nongs and it was pretty awesome just to get caught up in the whole new sport buzz he had runnin' and how much of the little things you now take for granted that you learned somewhere along the pointing out potholes or halfwheelin or it was kinda refreshing, enjoy the ride JF.

In other random news headlines of the week-

Mullet: above average.
Girl: Still no. Sigh.
Music- Springsteen (the REAL boss people, forget LA)
Soccer World Cup: Guus is a mastermind, but come on its soccer.
Highlight of the week- Rowney's random 'one minute of metal mayhem' music down the phone line. Absolute Gold.

thanks for the perspective dogg.


Anonymous said...

more,more we need more!!!!!!!!

Chris Winn said...

Patience my friend, patience!!! cw