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24 May 2006

The golden ticket...

Okay so i know i talked it up last post with the call of big news..well if you look at the above ticket you can see why. As stated i did get some upper seats in the pre-sale for pearl jam tix (thanks bro), but being the h-core fan i am i wanted to see if i could go better for the second show, or in other words, get on the floor. So i made the commitment last thurs nite at 8pm at the local shopping centre, some 13hrs before tickets went officially went on public sale, and camped out. Despite copping much flack for being so early, there is no better truth to the saying that if you put in the hard work, you will get the rewards. Mine came being on the floor, three rows back from the stage in the centre. Yep read that one again slowly and it gives you chills...insane. Needless to say I am well chuffed and now have tickets to both shows and come the month of november will be grinning ear to ear!

Finally got myself a digital camera too, so was another good excuse to post a new photo of the latest addition to the garage, yep, in the footsteps of US chargers T Brown and AC I've gone singlespeed. Three weeks in and this bad boy rocks, my knees haven't exploded yet so all is good...hopefull will help me grow some legs for next mtb season. Thanks to all those who helped me piece it together, much appreiciated. Diggin the bad ass black baby!

MULLET WATCH O6'- As many of you know earlier in the year I sported a very dapper mullet, not some crappy assed inner city fashion mullet (don't get me started on those..), but a nice west virginian style redneck mullet (it really came to life when i shaved no.2 the sides..). But alas in trying to score points with a girl i trimmed my neck warmer. Needless to say I am still single (hello internet ladies!) so the mullet is on its way back...stay tuned.

Managed to bust of a little training rut yesterday with two secret weapons- bringing out the my Geoff Kabush Edition green Smith's, and giving the ole' ipod a re shuffle- At the Drive-In subbed out Something For Kate, could be a match winner... lator cw


Gunsle Rapunzel said...

ZOMG!! You've got a blog too!
Nice work mate catch ya soon.
Andrew Steele

Anonymous said...

Great, now I have some more things to look at in the morning instead of working. It goes, log on, get coffee, read cycling news and any other cycling related site, read the sun on line, check the weather, by this time its almost lunch.
Love the golden ticket, I made a sacrifice as Im off to France for the Tour and 3 weeks of riding.
Well done,

camm said...

well well, now that i have seen the ticket i am stoked. you do relise that it says floor and row c in the one sentence. a sterling effort brozer. as for motivation try rancid, and cog, 2 hours of core night riding single track. if that doesnt get the old adrenaline pumping, try dodging a tribe of roos and then your pumpin! keep up the site. and get ur arse up here!

Anonymous said...

Great site dog ,how come no yeti
single speed?????????

Chris Winn said...

Not part of the Colorado plant production line, would be rad nonetheless... but if enough people were keen....!

Anonymous said...

Who makes the frame ? It has horizontal dropouts, is that correct, but looks like a Giant XTC ?

Chris Winn said...

Spot on, Giant XTC singlespeed (horizontal d.o's).. stickers and tape can only do so much these days!