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25 May 2006

Value for money. Or plain tight.

Today's 'office' is good

So the hardest descision to make today was which order to pull the 'three fruits' (what mystery!) or the choc chip museli bars from my pocket. Been on the two bar program for awhile now and not sick of it yet, and being the tightass that i am the $1.89 for a pack of eight is top notch value! Hell, anything tastes good on the bike when you're hungry and got hours to fill! So today was one of those great days, where its like 8deg but sunny (most of the time), legs are good, roads are good and there is not a hell of a lot to stress about. As I said pulling food from the pocket was the peak... In Corolla news the red rocket has now ticked over 1000kms with the reco engine and how's she running you ask? Not enough o's in smooth. Will give it a solid run over the other side of the city down to Anglesea on the weekend for "hell of the west" 100km road race...has a section of dirt i understand, wonder where I'll attack??

So the song of the day today goes to Bloc Party with "Banquet", this song rips big time, disco drumming and robot style clanky guitars. If you know it then you'll know where I'm coming from and are dancing your asses off already, but if you don't get there. Now. You wont be dissappointed...

Over and out, cw.

Huck anyone?? Wonder if Rowney will send me down an ASX for it...!

Yeah so i'm still playing with my new toy....

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