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22 May 2006

Hanging with turtles.

Yep, stuck in the slow lane is the word up of late, stuck in a funk, wading through a mass of uni shite whilst trying to ride the bike without any sucess..two weeks left of this semester so needless to say there are brighter days around the corner, just gotta get there first. Raced out at the new Casey Fields crit circuit yesterday, I sucked big time getting spat early in the wind and not being able to hold onto the flurry of attacks. Sucked, but still rode out the rest of the race and managed to lap the C grade bunch solo...didnt see the point of pulling out. Still gotta keep in my head that i need to be fast towards the end of the year, not now..but when you pin that number on... Still a solid day in the saddle so cant complain right. Right. So big news coming in the next post.. gotta keep a lid on it to give the full effect, but potentially could be up there with the Tasmanian 05 Wildside week..ha...yep..stay tuned.. lator cw.

Start from the World Cup in Belgium last weekend.. insane..wonder where Pez is?

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