Chris Winn: Ramblings From The Road


10 January 2012


I got an email from the bro yesterday while eating dinner.  It read "At The Drive-In reformed!".  I almost fell of my chair in disbelief.  Sure enough, a little google search yielded the golden nugget of information that indeed, ATDI have reunited and have already announced they are playing some shows.  Incredible.  It's been 12 years since their split, and while it did allow The Mars Volta and Sparta to come to fruition and create brilliant music, ATDI were an unrivaled force.  I remember first hearing the sheer intensity and melodic aggression when their biggest album 'Relationship of Command' surfaced in 2001.  It blew me away.  Like most bands that have captivated, their back catalog was soon obtained and devoured.  So although the news is fresh, anticipation is high for a new album (although I know The Mars Volta are currently finishing up in the studio first).  Exciting times!  For those unfamiliar,  check the clip below from one of their last shows before the split.


Kat said...

Why were you checking email why eating dinner?

Chris Winn said...

Haha. It dinged and like Pavlov's dog I had a sub conscious reaction to read it...actually I thought it might have been CA responding that I missed something! xx