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01 December 2011


Well I've just flipped on the brew machine, a bit of Tiesto is rolling around the ear drums and looking outside the snowflakes just keep on coming.  Conveniently it's a day off the bike otherwise it would have be roller city and catching up re-runs of The Office.  I still had a good 2hrs in the gym this morning which won't make me feel like a lazy bugger for the rest of the day however.  So I need to get myself in great shape as I have a new team to impress for 2012.  I'm happy to announce that next year I will be riding with the Horizon/Panache Elite Cycling team.  Based out of Boulder they are a long time club (GS CIAO), but a relatively newly formed elite team.  A big thank you to Colby and Nick for taking on a guy with a funny accent, and I'm looking forward to getting their jersey onto some podiums next year.  This weekend we are having our first get together and I am keen to meet my new team mates. Stay tuned!

I'm hoping the 2012 kits don't change too much....this season's look sweet!

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thebro said...

i like it roy, the numbers don't lie. once the snow melts you are going to be a force...