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29 November 2011


It's been a great last week with lots going on so I feel like and update is needed!  Last week I celebrated what would be my second Thanksgiving here in the USA.  It's a great holiday tradition, mainly because it combines the two themes of getting together with family and friends plus eating large amounts of  food!  This year Kat's folks came out from DC and a great time was had by all. In fact we still have turkey in the fridge and I'm not complaining about finishing training rides with a recovery slice of pumpkin pie.  Now that I think about it there is only one left so I better make tomorrow's training worth it!  Overall I have to say that getting back on the bike and being in the full swing of training again feels great.  I'm already leaps and bounds ahead of where I was this time last year, and it's easy to pin point it's because I finished the season with the most consistent block of racing I had all year.  Things are also looking up for 2012 with the new ruling that USAC will now manage the local Colorado racing scene, meaning that pro's can race again.  I know this was a big issue for many people, and a great deal were not happy that the ACA will no longer operate independently.  For me however, it's a real tragedy when politics and money get in the way of someones basic right to participate in sport, which was exactly the situation I was at this year.  For those who are whining about a change in fee structure or where the money now goes, remember that at least you could line up and race your bike this year at great events like the Superior Morgul and Steamboat Springs stage races.  I couldn't and that sucked big time.

Being perhaps the most "normal" time of the year for us, Kat and I have recently fostered another dog in need of a home.  This guy is a real champ.  A bearded collie mix, he is full of energy and is eager to please.  Last weekend we took him mountain biking at some of the off leash trails in Boulder and he loved it.

Wilson started work on his long time project of writing a detective novel.  He only made it through two chapters however.

So as the title of this post implies, life is just mint at the moment!

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