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31 October 2011

Jam Packed.

Any weekend that disappears as quick as the last one is a good weekend that's for sure.  Kat and I were both flat out from the go and come Monday morning I am beat!  Most of the weekend was spent on our garden project, and Saturday we went out and collected our materials. We struck is super lucky, heading over to the Habitat For Humanity ReStore outlet and picked up some old used decking material which was perfect for the boxes and saved us a ton of coin.

With the area now leveled out and ready for action, the fun part was seeing it transform, and although it's not completely done yet, you can get a good idea of how it will look when it's finished.  We've decided to have another crack at composting too.  I guess our first attempt was a little lackluster and uneducated, happy enough to put food scraps and such in the bin, but not do much else with it!  With a quick googler search it was clear we missed some fundamentals such as soil bacteria and turning it over regularly (!) so hopefully coming out of winter we will have some good soil for when we finally plant in these bad boys.

Sunday afternoon we went up to Boulder to check out the Boulder Cup CX race that was going on.  With a bluebird sunshine day and close to 1000 people out there it was a super fun time.  With a few former team mates racing alongside the countries best it was a great race to watch, coming down to a last lap attack from Belgie Ben Berden to stick the win.  It was also cool to catch up with a lot of people I haven't seen in quite sometime.

Trebon giving it some stick mid race.  That's Friedman rocking the Master Shake costume in the background.  It is Halloween this weekend folks!

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