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29 September 2011

Rainy Day, But No Blues.

As I type it is literally hosing down outside. Sheets of water are falling from the sky, amidst waves of fog delicately permeating through the air, kinda like that foam you get on top of espresso. Except nowhere near as enjoyable. Don't forget Old Man Wind too, he's having a decent crack at it, and combine all three and you have quite a standard winter day in the Dandies really. Except we are in Spring! No matter, the weather is one thing totally out of everyone's control so there is no point fighting it! Yesterday was my last big day on the bike before tapering into this weekend's Launceston to New Norfolk and onto the Tour of Tasmania next week. I must admit I was pretty lucky, having 5hrs on the cards I spent just over three of them with a dry chamois before this current block of weather rolled in. Even managed to spend some time through the Don Valley, a few repeats up Panton's Gap and onto Donna Buang. It seems like climbing will be the name of the game at Tassie, so it's been a consistent theme over the past couple of weeks, and for those of you who have ridden out this way there are plenty of options on the table. Just for the hell of it the other day I even visited an old buddy by the name of Terry and rode his Ave, averaging a cadence well into the 40's for the most part. Not to mention an excessive amount of arm pump that was felt after reaching the top. Tito wasn't with me but I sure could have used his Garmin to find out the exact percentages of the pitches of that climb. On second thoughts, maybe I don't want to know!

Time is ticking away and right now I have been in Australia 8.5 weeks so far. No doubt I am missing Kathryn a great deal as the weeks roll on, especially with the arrival of a new member to the family back home. Without going into a huge amount of detail, our first adopted cat Cricket has moved on to a better environment which is going to make her a happier cat. As she progressed through our time with us, she became more and more stressed and unsettled, to the point where it was detrimental to her health. Not to mention affecting our other guy Henry and his behavior. Despite medication and sessions with behaviorists things weren't able to progress. Always wanting a pair for friendship reasons, we decided upon adpoting a new little guy into the family. He came with the name of Wheaton, but right now we have 80% decided on the name Wilson. In fact anyone reading this is welcome to leave a suggestion in the comments area below!

Wilson! Or maybe something else?

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