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28 September 2011

The Inside Scoop.

(Post Golburn to Sydney Prologue)

Avid readers meet Taylor 'Tito' Shelden, the lone ranger American on the team and my current housemate on this Oz stopover.  Bout time he got a featured post I reckon!

Where did the nickname 'Tito ' come from?
It came from Freshman year (9th Grade) in High School. We had a class trip to Mexico (!) and during the time there had some Spanish lessons.  I was in the remedial Spanish class so instead of actually learning we just gave ourselves Mexican nicknames.  Tito just stuck.

Strangest thing you've seen in Australia so far?
People driving on the wrong side of the road.  And me driving on the the wrong side of the road. (Note to self, no more lending the Red Rocket out)

Last book read?
'A Feast For Crows'.  (Not a cook book despite my inquiry.)

If Team V Australia was a rock band, who would be in it and what instrument would they play?
You would have to be the singer, due to the previous noted experience.  Micheal has a lot of hair so that works well for some headbanging guitar action.  Cammo too for that matter, maybe a bass guitar with a punk rock twist. For the drums, Sully cause he's such a driver.

What is the worst job you've ever had?
Land Title Management.  Paper filing in a warehouse that was 30F (-2C) in middle of winter.  This place was FULL of files and I had to organize them all.  My hands would get torn to pieces with cuts in the freezing cold.  Not fun.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A fireman.

Spiderman versus the Hulk, who comes out alive?
Thats a toughie.  I feel like the Hulk could smash him but Spiderman is so nimble, like a cat......or a spider even!.  Nah, advantage Hulk.

Have you ever solved a Roobix Cube?
Yeah I have.  I dominated it.

That is disguising. Spew.  (Fine then, more for me)

Worlds Stripes, Tour Win or Olympic Gold?
Olympics.  Cruel question though.  Olympics you can go baller with gold bling items for four years, where as the rainbow stuff you would only get one.

Last time you wore a suit?
A wedding a few weeks ago.  Boring.

Cooking to impress, what's on the menu?
I am a mean dessert maker.  Mean!  Okay, so lets go through the whole meal here.  The entree (main course to us folks) would be a stuffed chicken breast with a cheese and spinach filling, some cous cous with crazy spices and maybe some grilled vegetables.  But that's just the minor part of the meal.  As I said I'm all about the dessert. The best ever was a home made peppermint ice cream filled cake, rolled up and cut into slices. (This question had an ulterior motive.  You're up for cooking tmw night bro!)

Lastly, in five words describe what you know about the game of cricket?
Goofy. Tea Drinking. Paddle Whackers.

Thanks dude!  Now about that ice cream cake.....

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