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12 April 2011

New Kicks.

Thanks to BONT for supplying me with their latest and greatest!  If you are on the fence about getting a pair of these shoes, you wont be disappointed.  There is so much to like about these slippers, but the two biggest things that stand out for me is the sole thickness and the heat molding ability.  In comparison with all other shoes I've used in the past, none of them have come close to the 3.6mm carbon sole of the Bont which translates to amazing stiffness and power transfer directly into the pedal.  Trust me it's noticeable when you roll out with these things for the first time.  Secondly the heat molding process is super easy and allows more of a custom fit than you can get with a stock shoe.  Let's face it, we all have such different feet, and once heated you can press and shape exactly to you hoofs.  Plus they are the reigning World Champions of cycling footwear....!

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