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22 April 2011


In the ever changing world of competitive cycling sponsorship, I wanted to take a moment on this blog to dedicate a post and highlight a lasting relationship that I have one with particular company.  2011 will mark my eighth year in a row as a Smith Optics athlete.  For over half my competitive cycling career Smith have been in my corner supplying me with the finest eye wear products on the market, and for this I cannot thank them enough. Switching from mountain bike to road, and then to predominately racing in the USA, their support has been nothing short of fantastic and I have been proud to represent them both off and on the bike.

Over the years I have seem a large evolution of their product line, from the first pair of Mainline's with Slider Technology, to the current Pivlock V90 system that I will be rocking this season.

For road cycling I think the Pivlock system is perfect, with an easy lens swapping system that doesn't bend or distort the lens during the process, along with a large field of frame-less interrupted vision which is oh so important when pinning down alpine descents.  Plus for the gram counters out there they are as light as air and the fact that they come with three lens tints means you have every lighting aspect covered.

Cycling caps are new this classy black and white!

Street rolling the Foley in Travis Pastrana Signature Series colors on most days in my staple.....

But on occasion the retro styling of the Chemist comes out to play....

So to Gabe, Chopper and all the crew at Smith Optics, thanks a ton guys for the years of support, you rock!

Clear vision is important!

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