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27 September 2010


Last week was easily the least amount of time spent riding in quite sometime, only doing three days in the saddle total.  Fitness is no doubt disappearing pretty rapidly (my midweek TT revealed this!) but that's totally okay as it wont be too long before things start to get serious again for 2011.  Yesterday I went out on the dirt to do a Lookout/Apex combo and had a ball even though I was well spent after 3hrs.  With the new trail rules enforced at Apex I was happy to land there on an even numbered day of the month, meaning that the Enchanted Forest trail was ready to be blasted.  Ever since I switched from using my road shoes and pedals to some proper mtb kicks, my enjoyment on the trails has increased ten fold, perhaps now not as worried about not being able to bail easily if things go pear shaped in a rock garden!  The ride finished with a slow slog up the fire road to the top of Green Mountain where it was time to enjoy one of the fun-est descents around at the moment.  The Green Mountain Trail isn't the most technical but does feature some awesome traversing singletrack and nice off camber sections and hairpins that you can absolutely rail.  So much fun and I can't get over just how much I still dig riding Hutchinson Pythons.  I brought over a set with me when I came and it wasn't until the last month that I put them on instead the stock Michelins and they just rule in my book.  First came out in what 95'/96' and still a proven winner!

This picture is titled ' Things you don't normally see on a bike path......'

This is what all the ruckus was about.  Red Bull MX GP des Nations.  Kinda like Worlds for MX if I understand correctly.  Pretty cool to have it the next suburb over in Morrison.  Don't know who won but was quite the fan fare for a Sunday afternoon.

On a final note, thanks for reading.  Yeah, you staring at this screen and trying to make sense of my rambling!  Every now and then I take a glance at the live traffic feed widget over on the right and it always amazes me to see some of the places that pop up.  Have a rad

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