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18 September 2010

The Amazing Fishcake, Peaches And Henry

Move over Jesus toast I say.  Once again another pancake Saturday and this spatula born miracle was randomly created by the hand of Kat.  Incredible stuff and I wonder if we could sell it on ebay for a few thousand dollars like the toast.

The offy is rolling, or semi offy I should say, still pinning the number on the skinsuit each Thursday for a time trial.  3rd the first week, 2nd last week so hopefully the trend can continue that way for this upcoming week!  Other than that it has been quite nice to just ride if I feel like it, and pretty much solely on the fat tire bike.  Ripped a quick session over Green Mountain the other night and had to admit I was probably 90% there in terms of my old DH handling speed from back in the day and it felt real good to be able to do that again.

The nice thing about the offy is that the possibilities are endless!  Today Kat and I canned some peaches, something that neither of us had done before.  Hopefully they turn out okay and there won't be reports of a food poisoning outbreak in Lakewood a few months down the track.

A high level of concentration is needed pouring boiling sugar syrup into a jar.  Funnel or not this is dangerous stuff....

Little Henry is growing up fast.  His birthday is October and will soon be coming around for his first year.  Quite perhaps the most mellow and easy going cat, I never thought I would get so attached to having these little guys around.

The photo taking quickly ended once H discovered the camera cord!

Oh and if anyone out there wants to give me a paid job racing my bike for their team next year I'm still looking....not that it is cracking me at the moment or anything!

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