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07 August 2010

Take Two.

So Donald and I got it right today.  Back to the Echo Lake loop minus the rain storm and we got the whole thing done.  Man did it hurt.  JD pretty much kicked my arse all day out there and I'm well knackered now after following that guy around.  Just a smidge over 5.5hrs with close to 9000ft of climbing (mostly done at over 8000ft in elevation) with an average speed of just under 31km/h.  One of the most solid days I've done in awhile that's for sure and dang good Utah prep.

So things are looking up.  Kicked my cold, took the win at the local critierium on Thursday night, putting in some solid miles and to top it off Rowney and Perry-winkle arrive next week for a visit. Oh, and the girl at Chipotle this afternoon thought my accent was great and consequently loaded up my burrito big time. Needed that for sure....!


brotown said...

i miss chipotle big time...send me one over with my triathlon article please mate..

Anonymous said...

Accent, we don't have accents!!!!!!


Chris Winn said...

Haha...i suppose where you stand depends on where you sit.....still, if I get some extra food out of it I'm pretty pumped!