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05 August 2010

Don't Mess With Mother Nature....She Always Wins.

Quite the adventure today folks, and to be honest it all boils down the fact that I was lazy and should damn well know better!  Ya see the thing is in this grand old place called Colorado there is some pretty darn big mountains and being so high up of the earth's floor the weather can be a little bit unpredictable.  Consistently unpredictable if that makes sense.  Today The Duck and I went out for some pre- Utah bicycle practice up in the mountains and were pretty gee'd to have a large day and come back well knackered. This was going to plan, hitting the long bergs all the way to Echo Lake at the base of Mt Evans.  By this point we were 10,600ft above and starting to see Elvis.  Elvis in the form of massive black thunder clouds that rolled in as quick as can be, leaving us drenched in seconds and freezing cold.  Yep, we were both smart enough  NOT to bring a vest or jacket today, and don't worry I was kicking my own arse about it.  Taking shelter in the Echo Lake gift shop I was shivering and went straight to the bathrooms for some hand drier heating action, and some insulation in the the form of toilet paper down the jersey.  Desperate time folks, desperate times.  Two coffee's later the rain was still dumping and it was time for evasive action.  Luckily we were able to hitch a ride back part way outta the storm down to Evergreen, but leaving me with a massive bout of motion sickness coming down the pass.  Still over an hour (and 3,000ft or so) from home it was an ugly ride getting the legs the turn again and feeling like a curbside quiche could happen any moment.  At least I had J's flashy new white tires to keep me hypnotized down the last canyon.  Home was reached and after a quick lay down and a cold beverage we were good as gold again.  And that folks was my day in Colorado...wouldn't trade it for anything!

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