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02 January 2010

Sun, Surf And All Things Warm.

A few days late (and even later in Oz, being a day in front and all), but Happy New Year to everyone! Hopefully it turns out to be a great one wherever you are reading this from. A new year, a fresh start and all things go...

2010 has started very well, with Kat and I escaping snowy Colorado and currently are spending time in sunny Cal-i-forn-i-a. Our first stop was in San Diego where we spent a few days with Kat's friends Greg and Trina plus their little guy Ray (easily the most awesome-est almost 2 year old I have met!) With temperatures in the 70's we had a ball, and it was super nice to get out and train minus a whole wardrobe of warm weather kit. Sun on the skin does wonders for the motivation that's for sure. Hello tan-lines again! A big thanks to them both for putting us up for a few days and for keeping my supply of tall white cycling socks well stocked!

San Diego is a very popular place to do bicycle practice, seeing huge bunches out and about everyday with many miles of bike lanes. Riding alongside the ocean definitely brought back the memories of Beach Rd back in Melbs, which I didn't realize just how much I missed. In fact, many parts of San Diego reminded me so much of the outskirts of Melbourne, largely due to the many Eucalyptus trees which were introduced there by Aussies in the California Gold Rush in the 1850s. Good work lads. I swear one part looked exactly like Bundoora!

Currently we have shifted camp north to Manhattan Beach, in a plush house just four blocks from the sand.

Being close to Hollywood, we were lucky to see Rocky out training one morning...

...even showing off by pushing cars around.

Yep, beach life is pretty good at the moment....

Hopefully catch up with everyones favourite Tasmanian Sidney T for some training in the next few days...looking forward to someone to show me some loops that don't end up in OJ Simpson's driveway.....thanks for reading...over n'

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