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28 December 2009

These Days.

Monday morning and straight into that 'floaty' week between Xmas and the New Year. Christmas was a good time, the first one spent abroad and not wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Weird. So Kat and I jumped a big bird in the sky and went across to Virginia to spend it with her friends and family. Flight was smooth with the only hiccup being my numb-skullery and reading the flight movie guide wrong, getting to watch this instead of this. Tragedy. Actually, speaking of guitars, just before we left Kat bought a Yamaha semi acoustic in back ass black. Actually a sweet little rig and I have been enjoying getting my fingertips all calloused-up again. And revisiting a guitar shop after so many years since the 'band days' I was like a kid in a candy store, playing with all the effects pedals and getting all goggle-eyed over all the sweet rigs. A Joe Strummer edition Telecaster was at the top of my list without a doubt.

So getting back to Xmas, once more Kat wins the 'greatest girlfriend in the world' award with her thoughtful gift giving and generosity, and I pretty much flipped out when unwrapped a pair of Reynolds carbon tubulars! Haven't got any pics to put up yet but they are super mean, 46mm deep and only 1250gr on some smooth rolling White Industries hubs. Can't wait to race these puppies.

So out training before Xmas I came across these guys. Real life reindeer. Okay, maybe not. I believe mule deer is the accurate term, but pretty cool nonetheless.

Days like this....perfect. Although it's been cold, it hasn't stopped the wheels turning.

My new winter alternate activity, snow-shoeing. Thanks Santa. Tough work actually and I can't wait to hit up some local trails instead of the trainer when things get snowy.

Coming back home last night I was pretty shocked to read this about Zirbel testing positive for DHEA. I guess until the B sample is released only then we will know the full picture. I don't really know Tom personally, but I have certainly raced against him a bunch both locally here in CO and on the NRC circus and he seems like a level headed and nice guy. Plus he waves if you see him out training. So I hope it all turns out for the best whatever the outcome may be. Just reinforces how careful you have to be with what you put in the tank though....over 'n'

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