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18 January 2010

Progress.....Well Everyone Likes That!

First things first. The Rio 6 (sounds like some sort of a outlaw gang...well maybe we are!) have been finalized and ready to be announced to the world. We are (in order of shoe size times the number of spanners in a Sidchrome set, divided by the number of holes in an average sized block of Swiss cheese)
  • Jonathan Garcia (also D.S)
  • Allen Krugoff
  • Ian Grey
  • Ian Holt
  • Brad Bingham
  • Yours Truly.
So there you go folks, heard it here first but I encourage everyone to start checking out our team website. A little old and bare at the moment but I have just taken up duties to give it the ole spit polish and breathe a little life into it over the season. Stay tuned. First team meeting was last week and everyone is as keen as mustard for a good season. Will post up the race schedule soon but pretty much every NRC stage race suited to little blokes with skinny arms we are there. Slipped into the new kit this week (see pic below) and I am definitely spoilt this year with some top notch threads from Sugoi. Pretty keen to bust out the long sleeve skin-suit...maybe a sneaky early morning session I think!

So I have turned a significant corner with my physiotherapy work over the last month and I'm pretty stoked. I have been doing regular acupuncture sessions combined with some specific exercises to help balance me out and the result on the bike have shown through. Already over the past week I have seen a solid increase in peak power outputs in comparison to last year. So needless to say little victories are important ones, and the fact that it's only January and I'm punching out PB's and combined with the new team structure this year I'm chomping at the bit for the race season.


green said...

position #7 - Cam Winn (Mechanic/driver/bottle fillerupperer/all round good guy/protaganist of fun/hassler of american bartenders/skater/surfer/dillusional...

Chris Winn said...

oh yeah you're in....bring the surfboard.