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28 January 2010

New Addition To The Team.

Busy on all fronts really. With the new year ticking over everyone has had a freak out that they need to get in shape and start training so work as been pretty hectic. Colorado sure is a popular place for cycle practice. Combine that with what seems like endless hours on the bike from the super-coach, and the days seem very short indeed. I very much look forward to the day where I don't have to play such a juggling act and riding my bicycle is the only focus for the day. I must say I have a very amazing girl-friend who puts up with a lot of craziness and has a massive amount of patience while her man is off wandering mountains wearing tight stuff.....thanks bub.

This week saw an introduction to a new little buddy in our household.....

....and a permanent one at that. I say that because we do quite often have foster dogs that are with us for only a short period of time before they are adopted, but this little one is for keeps.

She hasn't got a name yet, but the top two (from a long list) are either Pigeon or Cricket. You're welcome to leave any other suggestions in the comment area if you can think of something else. She's a very vocal and playful cat and for a guy that's never had one before, I must say I am enjoying having it around. Coming from the Nongs my only feline experience were seeing the feral ones occasionally out training out in the forests, so I definitely had a chip on my shoulder about these fellas, especially how they have a reputation of killing native birds. But this one will be house-bound only and seems to have a good attitude about life so that's quite alright with me.

Made another northern I25 adventure last night for Rio's Team Night. It was a great evening, getting to meet the major sponsors on the team and also the other members in the club. I've said it before but I am very excited to be a part of such a passionate and exciting environment. The elite team will have a 'mini camp' next week which will be good to get out on the road with the other fellas and stretch the legs.

Still awaiting delivery of my new bike for this season, but we are going to be riding these...

Pretty sweet huh. Not exactly that spec (I' just pulled that one off the web) but very close running both SRAM again this year and my new Reynolds. I'm keen too see how these bad boy's handle that's for sure.

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