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21 September 2009

Monday Rambling.

It's a Monday. This should put a smile on your face for the start of the week. And maybe this too. Okay and this one is gold. Highly amusing stuff.

So the new Pearl Jam album dropped yesterday. Although it's only 37 minutes in there, on first listen it's great stuff. Yes I have a biased view after being my favorite band for 13 years, but they have evolved a great deal, and this latest album is kinda the most upbeat, optimistic feeling album yet. Maybe it has something to do with the different bloke running this country these days....

The weekend was spent working all day Saturday with a skills clinic (thanks to those who came out) and then Sunday traded the wheels for walking with a hike up in Evergreen. Awesome trail that pretty much every footstep left me wishing I had my dirt bike. As soon as this crappy weather (that blew it today) leaves us I will be up there for sure.

I heart Colorado trails!

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