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01 August 2009

Tour Of Elk Grove.

Firstly, for those of you not sure what the whole "Scrantonicity" shirt is all about references the character Kevin's Police cover band on the TV show 'The Office'..highly amusing stuff. I guess not that funny (0r maybe it was?!) was my form over last weekend at the Tour Of Elk Grove in Chicago. After a good Superweek showing I thought the legs would be a little more frisky than they were, and was keen to see how things would stack up minus the pro field for once with a separate 1/2 race. Two flat crits, a bunch of wind and I struggled both days to get anything happening....ah well, that's the way she rolls sometimes I guess. Next.....

Minus the racing it was a fun weekend regardless. Kat's parents flew in from D.C and it was great to catch up with them both again. Plus we got to visit some actual elk floating about in a those things are impressive. Photos are floating around somewhere, maybe on Kat's camera as my battery died. In more exciting news it was rad to see Kabush won the WC at Canadia on the was always a matter of when, not if with that guy. Well not much else is going on's a Monday and I'm tired...and I'm sure I'm not the only one!


Kat said...

Hold on folks....Kabush's win was more exciting than a whole weekend with my folks? How rude! :)

Mak said...

Hey mate good luck in the next races... looks like you have been having some form that might lead you to some bigger and better things next year.... All good here just finished work for 2 months of skiing and racing in NZ and Aus... Take care