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20 May 2009

Taking A Breath.

Life has been busy that's for sure. Right now I am sitting on the couch, watching Outbreak with one pair of lightly toasted legs. Okay, maybe lightly toasted is an understatement. Training has been solid over the past week, with today another JH big loop special, along with Donald, Garcia and Tomas. The group would have been one more except the G-Train forgot one vital piece of his $14,000 limited edition Giant. The battery pack for the electronic DA. Bummer for sure, but pretty funny at the same time.

Last weekend Kat and I celebrated two years together. What better way than to head back to where we first met and shared a burrito at Illegal Petes in Boulder. I love that place...never disappoints. Saturday night we went to the sold out Flight Of The Conchords show at Red Rocks. For a couple of Kiwi's they sure know how to put on one hell of a fun show. Check em' out on You Tube if you haven't heard their stuff. I would provide a link but it seems like a whole lotta effort right now. Last weekend was also spent coaching out at the ACA Junior camp, teaching skills to a whole bunch of 8-14 year olds. Very rewarding stuff to see kids pick up and learn new tricks. Ok I'm out, Dustin Hoffman just discovered the virus was made by the military....the plot thickens and I need to concentrate...over n'

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cammo said...

if i dust off the road bike for the first time this year its got nothing to do with gerrans ok??!! two weeks left before we go to minnesota and we got a drinking quota.... name that song royson