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13 May 2009

The Latest Craze.

So my new "thing" at the moment is devouring the JJJ website downloads archive, namely all the old "J Files" they have available. I must admit anytime I hear any Australian music here on the radio I feel a real sense of patriotism, not matter how lame or cliche the song is. Mostly it's a rotation of INXS, Midnight Oil or Men At Work, but every time I have to crank them up loud. So already tonight I have listened to the Joe Strummer J File (while cooking a pretty good lasagna) and now I'm on to Spilt Enz. Which reminded me of this which is pretty rocking.

After a rest week last week i have started training again this week with a bang. The weather has been great, with plenty of wind about for a good dose of HTFU. Met up with Ryan Parnes last weekend at Wheels Of Thunder crit, made the trek out to CO from CA and will be my team-mate on the NVGP Pro-Ride. Took him up Brook Forest Rd. today and was a nice introduction to a little 8000ft climbing. Then we started our intervals. Solid.

On an end note I am now writing for the official NVGP race blog....check it..


Gunsle said...

How fitting after stage 9 of the Giro. a bit of Split Enz 'I see red' Which is what I'm sure Zomegnan had going thru his head when Armstrong called to neutralise the stage.

Or alternatively, a suitable song for the US racing scene at the moment considering the amount of teams riding SRAM. 'I see red, I see red I see RED!'

Hahaha good reading as always Windy, keep up the good work champ.



P.S. U need a little Diesel & Dust in the Ipod for the next TT, worked for me back in 'the day' sonny.

Chris Winn said...

Haha too true. Thanks mate, hope things are well back home with everything.....cheers bud..