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01 January 2009

The First Post Of Two Zero Zero Nine.

New year folks! Just like that. Bang. Finally I can start to use my new calender and diary that has been looking lonely on my desk for the past week post Christmas. Cammo and I must be brothers cause we both got each other the RIDE calender for Xmas. Or as he likes to call it the "Cadel-ender" cause that guy got the cover shot. So what better way to ring in the new year than start racing my bicycle! Bay Classic starts tmw at good old Williamstown. This year I have an added advantage in the name of one more cog on my cassette compared to last years equipment choices. I feel it will make all the difference no doubt and I predict podiums aplenty...! Either way I'm pretty excited to get some good intensity in the legs before road nationals the weekend after. The legs seemed to move in circles pretty well today so hopefully they can to that again tomorrow too. Lators, cw.

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