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31 December 2008

The Last Post Of Two Zero Zero Eight.

New Years Eve. Kinda came around quick the little sucker. I already saw midnight last night at Bendigo watching fixed-gear-left-turn-only racing. The program ran late after a couple of juniors added some ambulance rides to their school holiday stories. Not fun to see the middle of a kids forearm flop like a wrist. Or a bit or bone poke out either. Poor little guys. Cammo raced well, although couldn't seem to break they cycle of anything other than fourth place.

I got sent a link to this during the week from the campaigner. Anything cause that promotes safe cycling and education of drivers to the road laws is a great thing. It's amazing how many people tell me what they think is the law for bike riders on the road but don't know the truth. Great work Joe for taking the initiative and best of luck with the campaign.

Happy Birthday this cute girl...

So to close out the year, the official highlights and lowlights reel of 2008. Drum roll please...

Highlights (in no particular order)

  • 6mths with Kat. The longest and best yet!
  • The Mars Volta at the Filmore. Cedric wandering into the crowd like the madman he is and Omar going off chops on a pearl white six string. Was a little smokey in there. Yes, the kind of smoke you would expect at a TMV show.
  • The night crit at Tulsa Tough. Flat out like a pancake hopping curbs under lights at 10:00pm was a new experience. Is that a pothole or just shadow?
  • Any time spent eating, thinking about or in transit to Chipotle.
  • All the time spent with the various host families in the different race towns across the US. Fantastic everyone of you! Can't wait to see you all again in 09' sometime.
  • Kat's surprise Oz visit. Sorry the weather wasn't warmer Bub!
  • All my new RMCEF team mates and associated cycling crew I met this year. Thanks for putting up with a Aussie convict.
  • Any day spent riding my bicycle. Rain, hail or shine.

  • Getting taken out at Nez. You go around cones not into them.
  • Doping stories. You suck. Big time. Go away and don't come back.
  • Leaving Kat behind again. See you soon, not a goodbye.
  • My trusty camera calling it a day. Thanks for the memories.
  • The freak hail storm Raby and I got caught in out training in Boulder. I had bruising for days.
  • The veggie garden. So much hope and so little crop.
  • Eddie only playing limited solo shows on the east coast.
  • Training in 'Colorado grade cold' in April. It was exciting going up into the mountains. Coming back down freezing my ass off was another story.
  • The bib tan from a day on the rollers in the altitude sun.
  • The rear flat on the second stage at Joe Martin. I'll be back. With air hopefully.

Thanks to all the fantastic people who have helped make 2008 a great year. Happy New Year everyone, thanks for reading in 2008 and stay tuned for a bigger 2009. Cheers, cw.

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