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13 August 2008

On A Walk-a-bout

Went on a late afternoon hike with Kat last night up to Castle Rock on top of South Table Mtn in Golden. Nice little 25min walk to an awesome spot, which apparently used to feature a dance hall up there back in the day. The done thing was to take a mule up to the top to save the dancing legs...makes sense. Unfortuntely the hall was burned down after supposed KKK meetings were held there. Anyway, it was a nice spot to go and eat a burrito and watch the sunset before it started to shower for about 15mins.

On the way back down we took an alternate path that led to me walking inches past a rattlesnake. Damn. I think the recent rain shower kinda cooled him off and he wasn't that active, but still it was pretty full on to come across one of these bad boys. The rest of the way down the eyes were on full alert, and we managed to spot a cool little lizard, and then a huge mule-deer about 20meters away in the scrub. Not bad for an afternoon stroll...


Kat said...

My legs are still shaking! I don't like rattlesnakes.

Anonymous said...

i was reading the post thinking nah he really needs photo proof of said rattle snake and then whammo at the bottom there you have a pic! kudos 2 u winny, i love photo proof moments, one time i was in Pahran (spelling?) and some guy was weilding a broad sword in broad daylight on a public bball court! i quickly took a photo..from behind the safety of a fence, then got outta there ;)
Anthony Peacock a.k.a. blog serial pest hehe