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11 August 2008

Another Race Day Notch On The Handlebars.

Notch number 50 to be exact...yep, the Boulder Road Race yesterday marked the half-century in number of days raced this year. I must say I was pretty darn excited to sign up for a different style of bicycle race that most likely wouldn't included being chopped out of most corners and have a high risk of late race bonehead moves that cause crashes. In other words, yee-hah, a road race! A pretty basic out and back loop with a less than basic field with close to a dozen pro's on the startline. Oh and some nice sized up-hill gradients. Hello suffer-fest. Start was kinda unique with a staggered 2, 1 then pro groups at one minute intervals. Brought back some nice memories from past Oz scratch races but really delayed the inevitable of the pro-show. Slipped into an all Oceanic move which looked promising but unfortunately didn't stick. Pretty much the rest of the race was a war of attrition, hold on for as long as you can. Three laps to go after a plethora of surges my number was up. Still managed to hold on to a 12th place finish in a nice little two up sprint.

Went to 'Film on The Rocks' last Fri night and got a scarring taste of the 80's with a little film called 'Purple Rain'. The thing known as Prince basically is the lead man that parades around in a puffy shirt (most of the time open) and tight pants in cut-throat competition with the other local crooner in town who had an equally bad moustache. Still, Red Rocks is one impressive place go...maybe to see something a little more contemporary next time. Although that pearl white guitar was kinda cool.

Completely in the box today, with the couch being my best buddy, closely followed by the fridge. Over n'

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