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23 July 2008

Speed Racer

It's been awhile since my last post..apologies! I'm now in Wisconsin, three days into the final week of Superweek. Things have been a little up and down so far, with the racing some of the fastest and toughest I have experienced this year. Monday was not a bad stage in some rolling hills, cept I suffered from two days of travel legs which gave me a pretty average finish. The best thing about Superweek is that it's like a stage race with no GC or time...if you have a poor day it doesn't mean anything on the startline the next day.

Last night was my first introduction to 100km crits. Waaaay fast and frantic with Rock and Kelly laying down the hurt. Speaking of laying down I managed to find a nice grassy nature-strip landing spot after Switters dropped in front of me and sent me straight into orbit. I lucky escaped unhurt. Mid way through the race I played with fire at the front for a bit, only to burn myself out in the last 15 laps, running on fumes.

Yesterday the legs were shot to pieces, yet somehow I made some moves at the right time and cracked the top 20 with an 18th place and put something in the sky-rocket. Racing again tonight will be tough I'm sure, hopefully I can crack the single digits before flying home to CO on Sunday.

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